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    Our Company

    Pharma Media Corp. was established in 2002 and is led by Cathy Siedlecki, President and CEO.

    Pharma Media Corp. brings to the table over 22 years of experience targeting the physician and healthcare markets. Our focus is on professional media. We provide the tools, knowledge and experience in media that are essential to ensure a strategically crafted media plan. Above all we are precise, efficient and effective in the implementation and execution of the plans we create.

    Pharma Media Corp. develops multichannel media plans which include digital, journal, non-journal, convention, out-of-home and other media. We work with pharmaceutical companies and their creative partners to provide media planning and buying services for Rx and OTC brands. The media team continues to expand on a diversity of products reaching and communicating to professional markets in the U.S., Canada and globally. Pharma Media Corp. is well versed across all therapeutic categories and physician/healthcare specialty audiences. We have an excellent reputation, and we have established working relationships with all medical publishing firms, members of the Association of Medical Media (AMM), and more.

    Our Team

    Cathy Siedlecki

    Cathy Siedlecki

    President & CEO
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    Cathy's tenure in professional media is indicative of her dedication, commitment and passion in the healthcare communications industry.

    With over 22 years of experience in a pharmaceutical media capacity, Cathy has climbed up the media ranks at three major healthcare agencies* and ultimately started Pharma Media Corp, in 2002. Cathy is strategic, innovative and analytical. She works in a cohesive manner with the brand team and creative agency to bring to fruition the brand objectives. She thrives in a challenging environment and clearly maps out the logistics of the brand campaigns. Her integrity and professionalism is well known and respected in the industry.

    * GTFH, Sudler & Hennessey, Medicus NY (Publicis Healthcare Communications Group)

    Alex Londono

    Manager, Multichannel Media

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    Alex has been with Pharma Media Corp. since its inception in 2002. His years of professional media experience coupled with matrix-like analytical skills prove to be an asset for planning, executing and tracking a brand's communication objectives and challenges.

    Alex is innovative, strategic and is well-versed in the multiple platforms of professional media. His work ethics and 'can do' attitude help to get the job done within the timing and budgetary parameters set forth. Alex manages the media team and industry resources in a manner which keeps the brand in the forefront and continually benefits the brand.

    Christine Florio

    Director of Finance
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    Chris has been an integral member of Pharma Media Corp. since 2005. She has been involved in all areas of the accounting systems, including development of new systems and supervision of the finance, accounting, payroll and human resources departments. Chris spearheads the internal audit functions and creates and institutes many of the accounting controls.

    Chris has a wealth of experience in the finance arena, tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. Her career in finance began in 1982 and continued with healthcare agencies* throughout her career until she joined Pharma Media Corp. in 2005.

    Chris' knowledge and experience of the various financial/accounting procedures at pharmaceutical companies and creative agencies is essential to the business. Her forte is creating efficiencies that streamline the client/vendor billing/payment process. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her ability to customize the client accounting procedures based on client needs is second nature. Throughout her career, Chris has embraced and mastered every aspect of client accounting and ultimately expanded her knowledge and experience to take on the position of Director of Finance for Pharma Media Corp.

    * Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample, Saatchi & Saatchi, GTFH, Grey Healthcare, Medicus/LifeBrands (Publicis Healthcare Communications Group)